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Helping neurodiverse teens bring their lives into balance.

Welcome to Spark Balance, a specialized short-term residential program designed for neurodiverse boys. Our primary focus is on providing an intensive stabilization program that sets the groundwork for future engagement in their journey. In our carefully structured home environment, we emphasize cultivating a feeling of security and stability while empowering our students with tools for self-regulation and self-advocacy, rooted in a newfound understanding of themselves.

Our Mission: To build self-regulation skills and self confidence as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Life as a teen can be hard, chaotic, and overwhelming. As a neurodivergent teen, it is all that plus more. At Spark Balance, we offer a sanctuary from the chaos. Our specialized care for neurodiverse teens starts with a deep understanding of each child's unique neurological makeup. This understanding is reflected in all aspects of the holistic care surrounding your child, and in the way we educate your home team for ongoing success.


     ⦁ Neurodivergent Education
     ⦁ Regulatory Skills
     ⦁ Healthy Self-Advocacy

These three elements play a crucial role in empowering your child to regain control. Our educational approach to understanding their neurology fosters self-awareness regarding their challenges. With this knowledge, your child, supported by the Spark Balance team, can develop personalized regulatory skills to address these challenges effectively. Lastly, fostering healthy self-advocacy empowers your child to articulate their needs more effectively, contributing to overall balance and well-being.


Clinical Sophistication:

At Spark Balance, we implement the Spark trauma approach to neurodiversity. It is not simply enough to focus on the aspects of neurodiversity with your teen, it's crucial to also address the lifelong impact of living each day feeling disconnected, trying to fit in, and trying to keep up. 

Our clinical approach combines the best aspects of:
⦁    Dialectical Behavior Therapy
⦁    Sensory Integration
⦁    Equine Therapy
⦁    Cognitive Behavior Therapy
⦁    Social Learning 
⦁    Zones of Regulation
⦁    Animal Assisted Therapy
⦁    Music Assisted Therapy
⦁    Exercise and Nutrition


Optimum Setting:

Spark Balance offers access to the therapeutic environment of The Heritage Community, located at the base of picturesque Mount Timpanogos in Provo, Utah.

With a wide array of amenities spread across the 19-acre campus, the unique setting of Spark Balance provides meaningful activities in its own backyard. From rock climbing to horseback riding, and from swimming to weightlifting, your child will be immersed in purposeful engagements throughout their stay.


Quality Supports:

At Spark Balance, we understand the importance of having a reliable support system, particularly during challenging times. Our dedicated caregiver team meets your child at their current level and focuses on establishing trusting connections.

With a 2:1 student-to-coach ratio, our caregivers have the opportunity to tailor their interactions and explore innovative approaches to support each student effectively.

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